Vector Signal Generator TW4400

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Vector Signal Generator TW4400


250kHz-20GHz(TW4400A), 250kHz-44GHz(TW4400C)



Product Overview :


TW4400 signal generators are vector signal generator products with high performances and newly proposed by Techwin. It has excellent vector modulation functions in the frequency range of 250kHz~44GHz. The baseband signal generator with the features of easy to set, flexible performance and multiple modulation formats, can edit and download the dedicated waveform and simulate variety of signals to fulfill the requirement of users. Vector Signal Generator TW4400 has broad internal and external vector modulation bandwidth to meet the demand for broadband signal simulation. It has excellent quality for both CW signal and vector modulation signal. It is an ideal LO source ,clock source and high performance complex simulation signal source, which are mainly used in the comprehensive evaluation of radar system performances, testing of high-performance receiver and testing of components’ parameters. It is applied to many fields, such as aviation, aerospace, radar, communication and navigation equipment.


Main Features:


  • Vector modulation signal covering 44GHz
  • Excellent vector modulation signal
  • Broad vector modulation signal output
  • Broadband I/Q input modulation
  • Internal broadband multi-modulation baseband signal generation function
  • Excellent analog modulation
  • High performance pulse modulation
  • Chinese / English user interface, TFT color LCD screen
  • USB auto upgrades
  • Various interfaces ports

Vector modulation signal can cover 44GHz:

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 can provide vector modulation signals in the range of 250kHz~44GHz to meet the demand of signal simulation in different frequency range.

Excellent vector modulation signal:

The vector modulation signal of TW4400 , with EVM ( % RMS ) <2.5%(symbol rate 4MHz),origin deviation<-40dBc, can meet the testing demand of radar system development and satellite communication.

Broad vector modulation signal output:

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 can generate RF broadband vector modulation signal with 80MHz bandwidth through internal baseband and 160MHz modulation bandwidth through external I/Q.

Broadband I/Q input modulation:

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 supports external arbitrary waveform with RF modulation bandwidth of 500MHz.

Internal broadband multi-mode baseband signal generation function:

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 can generate digital modulation (real-time) and ARB(64MHz sample points), 80MHz RF broadband baseband signal.

Excellent analog modulation:

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 has excellent analog modulation functions, such as AM,FM,ØM and it supports the inputs of internal and external modulation sources. Vector Signal Generator TW4400 has excellent DCFM function with modulation rate of DC~10MHz and excellent DCØM function with modulation rate of DC~1MHz. It has two operation modes: linear AM and log AM, with the linear AM modulation depth over 90%.

High performance pulse modulation:

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 has high performance pulse modulation function. When the frequency is over 3.2GHz, the specifications are modulation depth>80dB,modulation speed<20ns,Min. pulse width 40ns. It also supports multiple trigger mode ,such as gating and external, etc.

Typical Applications:

Radar equipment anti-interference performance testing

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 has wide frequency range, broad vector modulation bandwidth and strong signal simulation functions. It can simulate and generate complex interference signals of actual combat during the process of anti-interference performance testing of radar equipments to make anti-interference testing on the radar equipments.

Satellite equipments performance testing

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 can provide vector modulation signal with high accuracy and good repeatability to test the performance of the satellite equipments.

Communication countermeasure equipments performance testing

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 has variety of modulation formats and big modulation bandwidth. It can generate the stimulus signals of various modulation formats and bandwidths in the frequency range of microwave and millimeter-wave to test the performance of communication countermeasure equipments.

Chinese / English user interface, TFT color LCD screen

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 vector signal generator has large screen, Chinese / English user interface, comfortable to use.

USB auto upgrades

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 provides a USB port for software upgrade and data backup. Users can easily and quickly to use USB to upgrade the software and maintenance.

Various interfaces ports

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 provides a RS232 interface, GPIB interface, network interface and other additional expansion interface. Users can easily perform remote control and network upgrades.

Typical applications

Performance Testing of Radar Anti-Interference

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 has wide frequency range, large vector modulation bandwidth and powerful signal simulation. It can simulate complex interference signal in the real combat environment, and take the performance testing of Radar anti-interference.

Performance Testing of Spaceborne Equipment

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 can generate the vector signal with high accuracy, good repeatability. It can generate vector signal with high accuracy, good repeatability to perform the testing of space borne equipment.

Performance Testing of Communication Countermeasure Equipment

Vector Signal Generator TW4400 has various modulation formats and wide modulation bandwidth. It can produce a variety of microwave and millimeter wave modulation formats and the testing excitation signal of bandwidth to take performance testing of communication countermeasure equipment.




Technical Specifications:


Frequency Range TW4400A :250kHz~20GHzTW4400C :250kHz~44GHz Frequency N(internal YOharmonic times)
250kHz < f < 250MHz 1/8
250MHz < f < 500MHz 1/16
500MHz < f < 1GHz 1/8
1 GHz < f < 2 GHz 1/4
2 GHz < f < 3.2GHz 1/2
3.2 GHz < f < 10GHz 1
10 GHz < f < 20GHz 2
20 GHz < f < 28.5GHz 3
28.5 GHz < f < 44GHz 5
Frequency Resolution 0.001Hz
Time base Aging Rate(Typ1) 5 × 10 -10 /day (after 30 days of continuous power-on )
Harmonic2 250kHz < f < 2GHz -30dBc
2GHz < f < 20GHz -55dBc
20GHz < f < 44GHz -40dBc
Sub-harmonic2 250kHz < f < 10GHz None
10GHz < f < 20GHz -50dBc
20GHz < f < 44GHz -40dBc
Non-harmonic3 250kHz < f < 3.2GHz -68dBc
3.2GHz < f < 10GHz -62dBc
10GHz < f < 20GHz -56dBc
20 GHz < f <44GHz -48dBc
SSB Phase Noise(dBc/Hz Freq / Freq offset 100Hz 1kHz 10kHz 100kHz
250kHz < f < 250MHz -98 -119 -124 -124
250MHz < f < 500MHz -100 -123 -132 -136
500MHz < f < 1GHz -98 -121 -130 -130
1GHz < f < 2 GHz -92 -115 -124 -124
2GHz < f <3.2GHz -88 -111 -120 -120
3.2GHz < f < 10GHz -78 -101 -110 -110
10GHz < f <20GHz -72 -95 -104 -104
20GHz < f <44GHz -63 -86 -95 -95
Output Power Range(25+10 C) TW4400A:+10dBm ~ -120dBm(-130dBm selectable)
TW4400C: +7dBm ~ -110dBm
Power Accuracy(25+10C,without modulation) Freq / Power > +10 dBm +10~-10dBm -10~-70dBm -70~-90dBm
250kHz = f = 2GHz +0.6dB +0.6dB +0.7dB +0.8d
2GHz< f =20GHz +0.8dB +0.8dB +0.9dB +1.0dB
20GHz< f =44GHz +1.0dB +1.0dB +1.5dB +2.0dB
Modulation Specification PM on/off ratio >80dB
rise/fall time <20ns
Min. pulse width(internal ALC) 100ns
AM Mod type:Linear,Exp
Mod rate(3 dB bandwidth 30% Mod depth):DC~100kHz
Max. depth:Linear 90%,Exp 20dB
Accuracy(1kHz Mod rate,Linear):
±(6%×set depth+1%)
Distortion(1kHz Mod rate,30% depth,Linear,overall harmonic distortion):<1.5%
FM Max. freq offset:N×16MHz
Accuracy(1kHz rate,offset offset+20Hz)
Mod rate(3dB bandwidth,100kHz FM offset):
Internal DC:DC-100kHz;internal AC:100kHz-1MHz
External DC:DC-100kHz;external AC:100kHz-10MHz
Distortion (1kHz rate, N×800kHz offset,overall harmonic distortion):<1%
OM Max. phase offset:Mod bandwidth100kHz N×160rad
Accuracy(1kHz rate,Mod bandwidth100kHz):<± (5%×set
Phase offset+0.01 rad)
Mod rate(3dB bandwidth):
Mod bandwidth100kHz:DC-100kHz;Mod bandwidth 1MHz:100kHz -1MHz(Type)
Distortion(1kHz rate,, N×80rad phase offset,overall harmonic distortion,Mod bandwidth100kHz):<1%
Vector Modulation EVM(%RMS) <2.5% (Type)
(symbol rate 4Msps,Nyquist filter,a=0.3,QPSK format,carrier 900MHz,1.8GHz
Origin Deviation <-40dBc (Type)
(symbol rate 4Msps,Nyquist filter,a=0.3,QPSK format,carrier 900MHz,1.8GHz,
Internal ModBandwidth 80MHz(±3dB bandwidth)(carrier 900MHz,1.8GHz,2.4GHz,38GHz)
External ModBandwidth 160MHz(±5dB bandwidth)(carrier 900MHz,1.8GHz,2.4GHz,38GHz)
External Broadband Mod 500MHz(±6dB bandwidth) (carrier 4GHz,12GHz,28GHz,38GHz)
Internal Baseband Signal Generator Chan Number 2 (I and Q)
Max. symbol rate 50Msps(Max.4 bit/code)
Baseband Waveform Memory 64M sample points(MSa/chan)
Mod format PSK:BPSK,QPSK,OQPSK,p/4DQPSK,8PSK, D8PSK,16PSK QAM:4,16,32,64,128,256,512 FSK:2,4,8,16 ASK,MSK,arbitrary wave modulation
Dual tone Max. freq Interval 80MHz
EVM(%RMS) <1.5% (Type)(symbol rate 4Msps,Nyquist filter,a=0.3,QPSK format)
RF Output Port TW4400A TW4400C
3.5mm(M) 2.4mm(M)
Display TFT-LCD
Operation Interface English
Dimensions(W×H×D) 455mm×195mm×545mm(with handle and toe pad)
426mm×177mm×460mm(without handle and toe pad)
Max. Weight about 30kg
Operation Temp +10C~+40 C


Ordering Information:


Host: Vector signal Generator TW4400A 250kHz ~ 20GHz

Vector Signal Generator TW4400C 250kHz ~ 44GHz


Item Descriptions
Standard Accessories Three-phase Power Cord
USD for upgrade
User Manual
Optional Accessories 115dB programmable step attenuator

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