Vector Network Analyzer TW4650

Vector Network Analyzer

Vector Network Analyzer TW4650



Product Overview :


Vector Network Analyzer TW4650 include TW4650A( 10MHz ~ 13.5GHz )? TW4650B (10MHz~26.5GHz)?TW4650C(10MHz~40GHz)and TW4650D(10MHz~50GHz. They are new generation of products produced by Techwin based on many years of scientific research and production experience in vector network analyzer. In terms of hardware, brand-new design concept and technical proposal have upgraded key performance indexes (KPI) of complete machine such as measuring speed, dynamic range and measurement stability; in terms of software, embedded computer system (ECS) with high-performance microprocessor chip and Windows-based operating system have greatly improved interconnectivity and easy use of complete machine. Vector Network Analyzer TW4650 provide multiple calibration types including frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response and full two-port calibrations; offer many display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing-wave ratio (SWR), phase, group delay, Smith chart and poplar coordinates, etc.; are designed with several kinds of standard interfaces: including USB, LAN, GPIB and VGA, available in multifunction parameter testing of mixer/converter, active intermodulation distortion and harmonic distortion, gain compression two-dimensional sweep and pulse network S-parameters, which allows it to accurately measure the amplitude-frequency characteristics, phase-frequency characteristics and group delay characteristics of microwave network. They are widely used in the field of transmitting/receiving (T/R) module measurement, measurement of dielectric material properties, measurement of microwave pulse characteristics, photoelectric properties measurement, which is absolutely necessary for the scientific research and production process of phased array radar, communications, microwave and RF components and parts.


Main Features:


  • Flexible and optional calibration types, compatible with multiple calibration kits
  • Multi-window, multi-channel test, fast operation for complex test scheme
  • Available in multiple display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear Amplitude, standing-wave ratio (SWR), phase, Smith chart
  • With USB, GPIB, LAN and VGA display interface
  • Chinese/English user interface,12.1-inch high resolution touch screen
  • One-button operation greatly simplified the measurement setting steps with improved efficiency
  • Available in such functions as pulsed S parameter testing, time domain testing, mixer testing, gain compression two-dimensional sweep, millimeter-wave frequency extension,antenna and RCS measurement

Humanized user interface, easy to operate



Technical Specifications:

TW4650A/B Technical Specifications

Frequency Characteristic
Frequency Range 10MHz~13.5/26.5GHz
Frequency Resolution 1Hz
Frequency Accuracy ±1×10-7(23?±3?)
Port Harmonic Suppression
Harmonic Suppression on port 1 and 3 -51dBc(0.01~4GHz)
Harmonic Suppression on port 2 and 4 -13dBc(0.01~4GHz)
Port Non-harmonic Suppression -40dBc(0.01~13.5GHz)
Port Power Characteristic
Power Sweep Range 30dB(10~500MHz)
Max. Output Power Frequency range Filtering mode of port1 and 3 High power mode of port 1and 3 Port 2 and 4
10~50MHz +1dBm +9dBm +13dBm
0.05~4GHz 0dBm +6dBm +13dBm
4~10GHz +13dBm +10dBm
10~13.5GHz +8dBm +8dBm
13.5~20GHz +6dBm +5dBm
20~26.5GHz +2dBm +0dBm
1dB Compression Level +10dBm(0.01~13.5GHz)
Power Linearity(23?±3?) ±2.0dB
Pulse Characteristic
Pulse Width Setting Range 33ns~60s
Pulse Transition Time (10%-90%) 30ns
Pulse on/off Ratio 64dB(0.01~4GHz)

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