Vector Network Analyzer TW4600

Vector Network Analyzer

Vector Network Analyzer TW4600

100kHz~3GHz(TW4600A), 100kHz~8.5GHz(TW4600C)


Product Overview :


Vector Network Analyzer TW4600 has powerful measurement functions, which can complete vector network analysis in the field of wireless communications, cable TV, and automotive electronics, etc. It can be used for performance measurement of filter, amplifier, antenna, cable, and cable television sub connectors, etc. radio frequency components. It adopts Windows operating system; has error calibration and time domain functions; offers multiple display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing-wave ratio (SWR), phase, group delay, Smith chart and poplar coordinates, etc.; provides multiple calibration types: including frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response and full two-port calibrations, rapid SOLT and electrical calibration; has Windows operating platform and LAN function and can display multiple channels; is designed with USB interface, LAN interface, GPIB interface, VGA interface and color LCD display, all of which allow it to quickly and accurately measure the S-parameter amplitude, phase and group delay characteristics of DUT, with efficient and powerful error correction capability.


Main Features:


  • With dynamic range of 125dB, for accurate measurement of high suppression device
  • 10.4 inch true color high-resolution LCD with touch screen function
  • Optional 75? test port impedance option for cable TV components measurement
  • 0.001dBrms trace noise renders network analyzer higher measuring accuracy
  • With up to 64 independent measuring channels that can implement complex testing schemes quickly
  • Powerful data analysis functions, such as ripple test, bandwidth test and limit test
  • Extendable to 4 ports through port extension set, test the whole 16 parameters of 4-port network through a single connection, capable of balanced parameter test
  • Capable of time domain analysis
  • Fixture simulator can simulate various R&D situations to get the real time test results
  • With LAN and GPIB interface, capable of remote control and system interconnection with 4 USB interfaces

Large dynamic range

Vector Network Analyzer TW4600 has a dynamic range of 125dB (IFBW=10Hz) for accurate measurement of device with high suppression ratio.

Extremely low trace noise

Trace noise is less than 0.001dBrms (IFBW=3 kHz), which minimizes measurement error.

Time-domain analysis function

The analyzer can measure the time-domain characteristic of DUT by means of time-domain software so as to test the performance indicators of DUT comprehensively, such as cable fault location and length test

Powerful data analysis function

It has such functions as filter automatic statistics, limit test, ripple test and bandwidth test, which makes the loss, ripple and suppression very clear and facilitates hopping filter debugging.

Typical Applications:

Production test of mobile communication products The frequency range of Vector Network Analyzer TW4600 can meet the demand of production test of mobile communication products. It has such features of fast sweep speed, wide dynamic range and compact size which is very suitable for the test of mass production of factory. The vector network analyzer can be applied to the test of RF devices, such as filter, power amplifier, antenna and cables. The 75? test assembly is also available to characteriz the device of CATV.


Passive multi-port device and balanced device test A 4-port vector network analyzer can be built with Vector Network Analyzer TW4600 and TW 2813A S parameter test set. The 4-port vector network analyzer can test the whole 16 S parameters of 4-port network through one single connection and is very suitable for the mass production test of multiple port devices. It has balanced parameter test functions, make 3-port or 4-port calibration, select the corresponding operation mode (single port-balanced network, single port-single port-balanced network, balanced network-balanced network), and then you can gain the mixed Sparameters of balanced devices.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency Performance

Parameters TW4600A TW4600C
Frequency Range 100kHz ~ 3GHz 100kHz ~ 8.5GHz
Frequency Resolution 1Hz 1Hz
Frequency Accuracy ±5×10-6(23℃±3℃) ±5×10-6(23℃±3℃)
Port Output Power -45dBm~+10dBm -55dBm~+10dBm
System Dynamic Range (10Hz) (3kHz)
100kHz~1MHz 90dB 60dB
1MHz~10MHz 110 dB 80 dB
10MHz~3GHz 125dB 95dB
(10Hz) (3kHz) 100kHz~20MHz 110dB 80dB
20MHz~3GHz 125 dB 95 dB
3GHz~6GHz 123dB 93dB
6GHz~8.5GHz 118dB 88dB
Reflection Tracking 100kHz~10MHz ±0.030dB
10MHz~3GHz ±0.020dB
100kHz~3GHz ±0.030dB
3GHz~6GHz ±0.040dB
6GHz~8.5GHz ±0.050dB
Transmission Tracking 100kHz~10MHz ±0.030dB
10MHz~3GHz ±0.020dB
100kHz~3GHz ±0.030dB
3GHz~6GHz ±0.040dB
6GHz~8.5GHz ±0.050dB
Effective Directivity 100kHz~10MHz 49 dB
10MHz~3GHz 46 dB
100kHz~10MHz 49dB (option 001)
10MHz~3GHz 46dB (option 001)
100kHz~3GHz 46dB
3GHz~6GHz 40dB
6GHz~8.5GHz 38dB
Effective Source Match 100kHz~10MHz 44dB
10MHz~3GHz 40dB
100kHz~10MHz 43dB (option 001)
10MHz~3GHz 21dB (option 001)
100kHz~3GHz 36dB
3GHz~6GHz 35dB
6GHz~8.5GHz 33dB

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