USB Power Sensor TW2040

Power Measurement

USB Power Sensor TW2040


Product Overview :


Techwin USB Power Sensor is the new generation micro power sensor developed by Techwin(China), adopting highly-integrated microminiaturization design technique, microwave diode detection technique, digital signal processing technique and multi-dimensional calibration and compensating technique, which is characterized by the wide frequency range, wide power measurement dynamic range, high measuring accuracy, compactness, light weight and easy-to-carry, et c. It is mainly used to monitor the microwave average power in field testing.


Main Features:


  • Available in the function of measuring absolute power of continuous wave signal;
  • Available in the function of automatic zeroing function;
  • Wide dynamic range and frequency range;
  • High measuring speed;
  • Compact, light weight and easy-to-carry;
  • Simple setting and operation;
  • Offering power measurement function as an accessory of intelligent instrument

Technical Specifications:

Model TW2040 TW2040 TW2040
Frequency Range 10MHz~18GHz 50MHz~26.5GHz 50MHz~40GHz
Power Measurement Range -60 dBm~+20dBm
SWR at Input Port 10MHz~50MHz 1.35    
50MHz~12.4GHz 1.25 1.25 1.25
12.4GHz~18GHz 1.30 1.30 1.30
18GHz~26.5GHz   1.37 1.37
26.5GHz~40GHz     1.61
Uncertainty of Calibration Factor (0dBm) ±0.35dB
Power Linearity +10dBm~+20dBm: ±0.21dB -60dBm~+10dBm: ± (0.12dB/10dB+zero setting uncertainty)
Zeroing Accuracy =1nW
Input Connector N(m) 3.5mm (m) 2.4mm (m)
Dimensions 50mm ×40mm ×140mm
Weight Less than 0.35kg

Ordering Information:

  • Main unit: Techwin USB Power Sensor TW2040 Accessories:
  • (1) User’s Guide
  • (2) USB Communication Cable
  • (3) Software CD
  • (4) Certificate of Conformity

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