Thermal Stripper

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Thermal Stripper

Product Overview :

Techwin Thermal Stripper supports optical fibers with cladding diameters from 30µm to 1000µm, with buffer diameters up to 1200µm,this includes standard 195 µm, 250µm, 400µm, and 900µm coated fibers. Available Ribbon Fiber, this includes standard 2 fiber,4fibers,6fibers,8fibers,12fibers. Temperature and time settings are adjustable for use with a variety of different coatings and cladding sizes.At delivery, the system is pre-adjusted for coated  fibers with a cladding size of 125 µm.

Standard specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 165 (W) x 58 (D) x 71 (H) mm
  • Weight: 750 grams
  • Power Source: Input: 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Supported Fiber Types: 30 – 1000µm coated
  • Supported Fiber Buffers: 80 – 1200µm
  • Available for Single Fiber and Ribbon Fiber
  • Adjustable Temperature Range: 90°C, 100°C(default) ,110°C,120 °C.
  • Adjustable Heat Time Range: 2 seconds, 4 seconds, 6 seconds, 8 seconds.

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