Splice on Connector


Splice on Connector

Techwin Splice-on-Connector is actually an optical fiber fusion, however the welding point is in the inner end of connector, which makes it no necessary for extra protection equipment, such as fiber protection plate(optical fiber splice tray),optical fiber terminal box, optical fiber distribution frame, after it finished splice fusion. Compared to mechanical optical fast connector, this new practical connector can improve the span life of welding point of connector and reduce maintenance cost.







  • Field installable
  • Only four components
  • No adhesives, crimping or polishing
  • True APC performance
  • Fibers to be fusion-spliced
  • Connectorization in RF-overlay TTTP networks
  • Connectorization in cable TV backbone networks
  • Connectorization in outside plant
  • Connectorization in FTTDesk
  • Data center installation
  • Central office connector replacement




Item Singlemode fiber
Fiber diameter 0.25/0.9/3.0mm or 3.0x2 drop cable
Insertion loss PC=0.3dB,UPC=0.2dB,APC=0.2dB
Return loss PC=40dB,UPC=50dB,APC=60dB
Repeatability <0.1dB
Interchangeability <0.2dB
Working temperature -40℃-+80℃
Tensible strength 60N(6KGS)
connector type SC/UPC

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