Spectrum Analyzer TW4900

Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzer TW4900


Product Overview :


Spectrum Analyzer TW4900 has the advantages of broad bandwidth, high solution, high dynamic range, high precision, low phase noise and fast measurement speed. TW4900 can provide the high performance services such as high sensitiv ity spectrum analysis, power analysis, analog demodulation test, multi-domain analysis, pulse parameter analysis, audio analysis, phase noise testing, millimeter wave frequency extension, noise figure testing and USB power meter. TW4900 use the technology of modular frequency channel and all digital IF to form a high open testing platform. We can choose the different options to improve the testing performance of TW4900, and built test system or secondary development by a variety of digital and analog signal output interface of TW4900. TW4900 has a wide range of applications as follows: aviation, aerospace, communication, radar and navigation.


Main Features:


Broad frequency bandwidth range

200MHz analysis bandwidth

Excellent testing performance

The best measurement           Excellent phase noise

Full spectrum analysis

Full spectrum analysis

Multi-domain analysis and signal playback

Signal playback             List sweep of frequency             LFM signal playback

Plentiful function option

Flexible analog and digital output interface

TW4900 Signal output interface

TW4900 External data logge

Convenient operating characteristics

Typical Applications:

TW4900 has a wide range of applications of comprehensive assessment of the performance of radar and communication. Providing high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, high precision and high efficiency solution for testing broadband signals.

plentiful functions of Spectrum analysis, power measurement module, multi-domain analysis, phase noise testing for the transmitter and receiver testing and diagnosis

  • Broad frequency bandwidth range
  • 200MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Excellent testing performance
  • Full spectrum analysis
  • Multi-domain analysis and signal playback
  • Plentiful function option
  • Flexible analog and digital output interface
  • Convenient operating characteristics
  • Hz—50GHz frequency bandwidth rang
  • 9 kinds of Optional configuration of frequency bands
  • ow frequency (<4GHz) or full-band preamplifier
  • Frequency extension up to 325GHz (options)
  • Flexible Bandwidth to choose from 10Hz to 200MHz
  • 0MHz standard analysis bandwidth (40MHz/200MHz, options)
  • 4M sample memory depth (256M, options)
  • Seamless capture time can be up to a few hours from 1.28 seconds
  • The best measurement sensitivity: -152dBm/Hz
  • Measurement sensitivity at 50Hz: -127dBm/Hz
  • Phase noise: -115dBc/Hz carrier 1GHz @ 10kHz offset
  • All digital IF design
  • The minimum non-zero span sweep time: 1ms
  • Fastest scan speed: 90times/sec
  • The low-frequency transducer frequency time: 50ms (frequency <4GHz)
  • Trace can choose detection mode independently
  • Network programmable
  • Continuous scanning and FFT step scan
  • Fastest sweep time of zero scan: 1µs
  • Counting Resolution: 1mHz
  • Scan Points: 101~30001
  • Up to six tracks
  • 6 kinds of detection methods, three kinds of average type
  • Support time gate measuremen
  • Occupied bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel power testing
  • Statistical power, burst power, harmonic distortion, third-order intemodulation, spurious emission testing
  • Display multi-domain parameter of spectrum, instantaneous frequency / amplitude / phase, chromatogram
  • Chromatogram display for the analysis of signal change with time
  • Instantaneous parameter display for the analysis of pulse modulatiosignal parameters.
  • Seamless capture data storage up to 2GB
  • Support CSV, DAT storage file forma
  • Support file playback signal analysis at different time.
  • Support communication signal modulation recognition (Option)
  • Phase noise analysis
  • Analog demodulation analysis
  • Pulse parameter analysis
  • Audio analysis
  • Frequency extension
  • Modulation Recognition
  • 375 MHz IF expor
  • 0MHz~140MHz variable IF output
  • Demodulated output, support AM / FM demodulation and IQ demodulation
  • Digital signal output,1X or 4X fiber output channel, provides broadband IQ data of real-time recording from the interface
  • External 1.5TB~12TB data logger, SSD and HDD two media types
  • English language
  • Humane automatic tuning and automatic calibration function
  • one-button quick measurement
  • USB,LAN,GPIB,K/M output interface
  • Resolution: 1024*768,170 degree viewing angle
  • Comprehensive assessment of the performance of electronic systems:
  • Transmitter and receiver testing and diagnosis:


Model TW4900 TW4900A/TW4900B/ TW4900C/TW4900D/TW4900E/ TW4900F/TW4900G
Frequency range 3Hz~40GHz 3Hz~4GHz/8GHz/13.2GHz/18GHz/26.5GHz/45GHz/50GHz
10MHz Precise frequency reference Frequency accuracy: ±(last calibration data× aging rate+temperature stability+calibration accuracy)
Aging rate: ± 1 10-9/day , 1 10-7/year
Temperature stability: ± 1 10-8(20°C 30°C) ± 5 10-8(0°C 55°C)
Calibration accuracy: ± 7 10-8
Frequency read out accuracy (sweep) ±(readout× frequency reference error+0.25% span+5% resolution bandwidth+2Hz+0.5 horizontal resolution)
*:horizontal resolution = span/(sweep points -1)
Frequency counting accuracy (counting) ±(Frequency read out× frequency reference error+0.1Hz)
Bandwidth Range:0Hz, 10Hz~4GHz/8GHz/13.2GHz/18GHz/26.5GHz/45GHz/50GHz
Accuracy:±(0.2%×span+span/(sweep point number-1)
Sweep time (Bandwidth =10Hz): 1ms~4000s
(Bandwidth =0Hz): 1us~6000s
Resolution bandwidth Range: 1Hz~3MHz (10% step),4,5,6,8MHz Conversion Uncertainty: ?? 0.5dB
Video bandwidth 1Hz~3MHz (10% step),4,5,6,8MHz
Signal analysis Bandwidth 10Hz~10MHz
Memory depth 64MSamples(extend 256MSamples)
Trigger Free, power, video, external level (front panel), external level (rear panel), burst power
Detection type Normal, positive peak, negative peak, sampling, average, root mean square
Average type Video average, Power average, Voltage average
Sideband noise < -91dBc/Hz 100Hz
< -105dBc/Hz 1kHz
< -115dBc/Hz 10kHz
< -117dBc/Hz 100kHz
Residual FM < 1Hz ×N(N is harmonic number)
Average noise level -140dBm/Hz 10MHz~200MHz
-152dBm/Hz 200MHz~1GHz
-150dBm/Hz 1GHz~3GHz
-147dBm/Hz 3GHz~4GHz
-144dBm/Hz 4GHz~9GHz
-140dBm/Hz 9GHz~18GHz
-138dBm/Hz 18GHz~ 26.5GHz
-130dBm/Hz 26.5GHz~40GHz
-127dBm/Hz 40GHz~50GHz
Frequency response and absolute amplitude accuracy(10dB attenuation,20°C ~ 30°C) Frequency response:
<±1.0dB 3Hz~4GHz
<±2.0dB 4~9GHz
<±2.0dB 9~18GHz
<±3.0dB 18~26.5GHz
<±3.5dB 26.5~50GHz
absolute amplitude accuracy:
±0.3dB 300MHz
±(0.3dB+frequency response)
1dB gain compression point(mixer input level) 0dBm 20MHz~4GHz
3dBm 4GHz~9GHz
0dBm 9GHz~50GHz
TOI distortion(mixer level-30dBm) < -84dBc 10MHz ~ 4GHz < -89dBc 4GHz ~ 9GHz < -84dBc 9GHz ~ 50GHz
Remaining response < -90dBm 1MHz~50GHz
Test speed Local measurement update rate:90 times/sec
Center frequency tuning and conversion rates:
50ms 20Hz~4GHz
85ms 4GHz~26.5GHz
120ms 26.5GHz~50GHz
Dimensions width× height× depth= 498mm×192mm×532mm (Including handles, feet,foot)
width× height× depth= 426mm×177mm×460mm(Including handles, feet,foot)
Weight About 25kg
Input connector TW4900/ TW4900F/ TW4900G:2.4mm(male),impedance 50ohm; TW4900A/ TW4900B/ TW4900C/ TW4900D/ TW4900E:N: type(female),impedance 50ohm


Note: Spectrum analyzer TW4900 stored at ambient temperature 2h, warm-up 30 min, should meet the performance indicators after automatic calibration.


Ordering Information:

Main engine:TW4900A Spectrum analyzer 9kHz~4GHz

TW4900B Spectrum analyzer 9kHz~8GHz

TW4900C Spectrum analyzer 9kHz~13.2GHz

TW4900D Spectrum analyzer 9kHz~18GHz

TW4900E Spectrum analyzer 9kHz~26.5GHz

TW4900 Spectrum analyzer 9kHz~40GHz

TW4900F Spectrum analyzer 9kHz~45GHz

TW4900G Spectrum analyzer 9kHz~50GHz

Project Name Number
Standard accessories Phase noise measurement 1
USB Mouse 1
User’s Manual 2
Program Instructions 2
CD 1
NO. Model Nanme Function
1 TW4900-H02 375MHz IF output Output 375MHz IF signal (bandwidth and amplitude control)
2 TW4900-H03A Any IF output Output 10MHz~140MHz IF signal
3 TW4900-H04 AM/FM or I/Q Demodulation output Output AM?FM or IQ demodulation signal
4 TW4900-H06 Audio demodulation output Output audio signal (headphone demodulation output)
5 TW4900-H10 LO output Providing monitoring and output of the oscillator. Required option when configuring the external spread
6 TW4900-H11 375MHz IF input Providing 375MHz IF input Required option when configuring the external spread
7 TW4900-H12 High-speed digitalinterface High-speed serial real-time recording data of fiber output
8 TW4900-H21 Capture memory depth extension Capture memory depth extended to 256Msamples (2GB), increasing snapshots capture time.
9 TW4900-H22A Broadband Data Logger(Solid-state storage) Broadband data Logger (solid-state storage) analyze real-time recording data in the bandwidth.The option must be used with TW4900-H12 option.
10 TW4900-H22B Broadband Data Logger(Disk storage) Broadband data Logger (Disk storage) analyze real-time recording data in the bandwidth.The option must be used with TW4900-H12 option.
11 TW4900-H34 Low-noise preamplifier Signal amplification
12 TW4900-H35 Low noise path Optimization of high-band average noise level and improve the measurement dynamic range
13 TW4900-H38 Broadband Digital IF 200MHz digital IF bandwidth processing
14 TW4900-H39 Baseband signal processing Acquisition and processing of the baseband signal and audio signal Audio analysis Required
15 TW4900-H40 Millimeter-wave extension Up to 325GHz Required LO output and 375MHz IF input options
16 TW4900-S04 Phase noise testing Sideband testing of logarithmic phase noise And points phase noise testing
17 TW4900-S08 Audio analysis Audio signal characteristics and related parameters analysis
18 TW4900-S09 Analog modulation analysis analog modulation signal characteristicsand related parameters analysis
19 TW4900-S13 Plus signal analysis Plus signal characteristics and related plus parameters analysis
20 TW4900-S72 Communication signal modulation recognition Automatic identification to trapped com munication signal modulation formats, s upport a variety of commonly used digi tal communication signal modulation for mats.
21 TW4900-H99 Aluminum transport box High strength lightweight aluminum transport box, with a handle and a roller for convenient transportation.

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