Spectrum Analyzer

Product Lines

Spectrum Analyzer TW4900

Spectrum Analyzer TW4900 has the advantages of broad bandwidth, high solution, high dynamic range, high precision, low phase noise and fast measurement speed. TW4900 can provide the high performance services such as high sensitiv ity spectrum analysis, power analysis, analog demodulation test, multi-domain analysis, pulse parameter analysis, audio analysis, phase noise testing, millimeter wave frequency extension, noise figure testing and USB power meter.


Spectrum Analyzer TW4930

Techwin Spectrum Analyzers TW4930 are the new generation of high-performance spectrum analyzers, including two series: TW 4930 Series and TW4930M Series.


Portable Spectrum Analyzer TW4950

Techwin Portable Microwave Spectrum Analy zer TW4950 is the new generation portable microwave spectrum analyzer developed by Techwin using broadband microwave component integration design technology, microwave multilayer PCB design technology.


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