SLD Broadband Light Source 2

Laser Source

SLD Broadband Light Source 2

Product Overview :

Techwin high-power SLD (SLED) light source is a high-stability source designed for scientific research and industrial production; internally installed high-power, broadband SLD (SLED) module. Aiming at special characteristics of SLD (SLED) laser, Techwin SLD (SLED) light source employs specialized protective measurement on circuit design and optical path processing in order to protect the laser from the reflected light and the surge of current or voltage, thus ensuring that the light source can operate safely and stably in a long time.
Techwin SLD (SLED) source covers different interval within the scope of 800~1650nm, the typical wavelengths include: 840nm, 980nm, 1060nm, 1310nm, 1550nm, etc. There are plenty of choices for output power and spectral width. In addition, Techwin also offer low polarization ratio SLD source to satisfy demands for different applications according to the requirement of the user.


  • High power and wide spectrum 
  • Multiple safety protection
  • High stability and high reliability
  • LCD display
  • High precision ATC and ACC control circuit
  • Applications: 

  • Test and measurement
  • Optical fiber sensor system Test and measurement
  • Fiber optic gyroscope
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Other lab application

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