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RF Signal Generators TW4100

RF Signal Generators TW4100 are completely new products designed and developed for communication applications by using the latest technology, covering all commonly-used ranges of radio frequency. Designed with modular structure, all English interfaces, large LCD menu control, extremely low phase noise of output signal, high frequency resolution and accuracy and wide output dynamic range, they are available in abundant analog modulation, digital modulation and program control functions etc.


Synthesized Signal Generator TW4200

Synthesized Signal Generator TW4200 are microwave synthesized signal generator products with world-class performances introduced recently by the Techwin. With high pure signal quality, adjustable power output with a 146dB dynamic range and 0.001Hz frequency resolution, it can meet your high accurate test requirement. The standard dual-channel internal modulation signal generator and internal pulse generator provide comprehensive AM, FM, ?M and pulse modulation capabilities and avoid the annoyance of selecting from numerous options.


Function Generator TW4300

Multi waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square, and etc. Separate TTL, 50Hz Sine and single output.DC offset, symmetry continuously adjustable


Vector Signal Generator TW4400

TW4400 signal generators are vector signal generator products with high performances and newly proposed by Techwin. It has excellent vector modulation functions in the frequency range of 250kHz~44GHz. The baseband signal generator with the features of easy to set, flexible performance and multiple modulation formats, can edit and download the dedicated waveform and simulate variety of signals to fulfill the requirement of users.


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