RF Signal Generators TW4100

Signal Generator

RF Signal Generator TW4100

250 kHz-3GHz (TW4100A), 250 kHz-6GHz (TW4100C)


Product Overview :


RF Signal Generators TW4100 are completely new products designed and developed for communication applications by using the latest technology, covering all commonly-used ranges of radio frequency. Designed with modular structure, all English interfaces, large LCD menu control, extremely low phase noise of output signal, high frequency resolution and accuracy and wide output dynamic range, they are available in abundant analog modulation, digital modulation and program control functions etc. This product can provide complex high-performance analogue signals for testing on communication and radar equipment in product research & development, production, detection and maintenance, etc.


Main Features:


  • Extremely low phase noise and high pure spectrum
  • Power output of +7dBm~-135dBm
  • Available in abundant analogy modulation and digital modulation functions
  • Optional 1Hz~1MHz low frequency signal generator
  • Chinese/English operation interfaces
  • List sweep and step sweep
  • Update with USB Disk

Large LCD operation interface

Designed with completely independent software, RF Signal Generator TW4100 uses large screen and English operation interfaces which offers a panoramic view of the current state. The operation interface can be set in English according to different purposes and occasions for your convenience.

Extremely low phase noise and high pure spectrum

RF Signal Generator TW4100 provides good close-to-carrier phase noise (-124dBc/Hz, measured at 1GHz and 20kHz) and excellent spectrum purity, which can satisfy the test requirements for pure radio frequency and stimulus signals in radar system development and satellite communications.

Update with USB Disk

With the wide application of USB Disk to modern life, RF Signal Generator TW4100 provides a USB interface available for smart software update and data backup through which you can easily use a USB disk to update software and maintain the instrument, thus this function is simple and convenient and practical.

Expansion of rear panel function

RF Signal Generator TW4100 provides RS232 interface, GP IB interface, LAN interface, base-band output interface etc. additional expansion interfaces for system building during which LAN interface can be used to achieve the functions of remote control and network update, etc. for user’s conveni

Typical Applications:

Relying on its powerful functions, Radio Frequency Signal Generator TW4100 has become widely-used modern intelligent radio frequency measuring instrument, which can provide complex analogy signal for testing on dynamic range, sensibility, adjacent channel property, digital modulation performance etc. internal and external channel’s performance index of high-performance transmitter and receiver of various radar and communication equipments as well as local oscillator substitution, distortion test, phase noise test, etc. fields.


Technical Specifications:


Frequency TW4100A: 250kHz~3GHz
TW4100C: 250kHz~6GHz
Frequency N
250kHz = f= 250MHz 1
250MHz f = 500MHz 0.5
500MHz f = 1GHz 1
1 GHz f = 2 GHz 2
2 GHz f = 3GHz 4
3 GHz f = 6GHz 8
Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz (0.001Hz is also available
Timebase Aging Rate
(typical value)
1×10-9/day (after 7 days of continuous poweron)
Sweep Mode Step Sweep, List Sweep and Power Sweep
Harmonic2 < -30dBc
Sub-harmonic2 None
Non-harmonic3 < -62dBc
SSB Phase Noise (20kHz frequency offset 500MHz 127 dBC/Hz
1GHz <-121 dBc/Hz
2GHz <-115 dBc/Hz
3GHz <-110 dBc/Hz
4GHz <-109 dBc/Hz
6GHz <-104 dBc/Hz
SSB Phase Noise (dBc/Hz, adding high pure option) Frequency / offset Frequency 100Hz 1kHz 10kHz 100kHz
250kHz = f = 250MHz <-91 <-107 <-125 <-127
250MHz <-97 <-121 <-129 <-133
500MHz <-91 <-115 <-127 <-127
1 GHz <-85 <-110 <-121 <-121
2 GHz <-81 <-106 <-117 <-117
3 GHz <-75 <-100 <-111 <-111
Residual FM (typical value) < N×1Hz
Output Power Range (25±10 ) –20dBm +7dBm Adding option 1: –120dBm +7dBm(-135dBm is also available)
Power Accuracy (25 C ±10 C ) When option 1 programmable step attenuator is not available (-10~-20dBm is typical value)
+7dBm~-10dBm -10dBm~-20dBm
±0.8dB ±1.0dB
When option 1 programmable step attenuator is available (= -60dBm is typical value)
+7dBm~-10d 0dBm~-60dBm -60dBm~-90dBm
±0.8dB ±1.0dB ±1.5
Modulation Performance Pulse Modulation4 Pulse modulation on/off ratio >60dB
Pulse modulation rise/fall time <150ns
Internally leveled min. pulse width 2µs
Level hold (ALC is off) 0.5µs
Amplitude Modulation5 Modulation mode: exponential mode, linear mode Modulation rate (3 dB bandwidth, 30% modulation depth): DC~100kHz Max. amplitude modulation depth: 90% Accuracy (1kHz modulation rate, 300Hz~3kHz demodulation bandwidth): ±(6%×set value+1%) Distortion (1kHz modulation rate, 30% depth, linear mode, total harmonic distortion): <1.5%
Frequency Modulation5 Modulation rate (3 dB bandwidth, N×100kHz frequency modulation offset): DC~1MHz Max. frequency modulation offset (typical value): N×1MHz Accuracy (1kHz modulation rate, 300Hz~3kHz demodulation bandwidth, frequency modulation offset
Phase Modulation5 Modulation rate (3 dB bandwidth, 3rad phase modulation offset): DC~100kHz Max. phase modulation offset (typical value): N×10rad Accuracy (1kHz modulation rate, 300Hz~3kHz demodulation bandwidth, phase modulation offset
Modulation Performance Vector Mod ulation Mo dule4 (Vector Mo dulation M odule must be configu red) Operating mode: external I/Q input
Input connector: BNC (female)
Input impedance: 50 ~
Frequency modulation range (typical value, 3dB point): DC~10MHz
Full scale input: Q Vrms I 0.5 2 2
Carrier suppression (typical value, modulation rate 10kHz): <-40dBc
EVM(typical value, 4Msps, QPSK modulation mode, Nyquist filter, a=
0.3): <3%
Base-band Signal Generator (Option 3 is configured) Max. code rate: 10ksps~10Msps(MSK;2FSK Max. code rate 2Msps) Modulation format: BPSK,QPSK,OQPSK,8PSK,MSK,16QAM,2FSK
Internal Modulation Signal Generator Function generator provides: amplitude modulation, frequency/phase modulation signals Waveform: Sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, ramp wave, noise, dual-sine, swept-sine
  requency range: Sine wave, dual-sine, swept-sine: 1Hz~1MHz Square wave, triangular wave, ramp wave: 1Hz~100kHz Frequency resolution: 1Hz Pulse modulation signal: Pulse width: 40ns~(42s-20ns) Pulse period: 100ns~42s Resolution: 20ns
RF Output Port Type N (female)
Display TFT-LCD
Operation Interface Chinese/English
Dimension (W×H×L) 482mm×152mm×582mm
Max. Weight Approx. 20kg
Environmental Adaptation Operating temp.: 0C~+40C
Storage temp.: -30C~ +70C (Low temperature is subject to the LCD)
Relative humidity: 5%-95%, ±5%RH
Option 1. 115dB programmable step attenuator
3. Base-band signal generator
2. Vector modulation module
4. High pure option


Ordering Information:


Main Unit:

RF Signal Generator TW4100

Standard Configuration

Item Name Qty
Standard Accessories Power Cord User’s Guide
1 1




No. Name Model Description
1 115dB programmable step attenuator   Expand power
2 Vector modulation module   Generate vector modulation signal
3 Base-band signal generator   With internal base-band signal generation function
4 High pure option   Reduce phase noise and increase spectrum purity

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