L Band High Stability ASE Light Source

Laser Source

L Band High Stability ASE Light Source

Product Overview :

Techwin L-band ASE light sources employ optimized Er-doped fiber laser and realize output laser which are featured by wide spectral, high output power and extremely high stability of the output power within the whole temperature range. Techwin L-band ASE sources have extremely high spectral flatness.  
Techwin L-band ASE light sources are highly integrated system sources. The benchtop sources uses high-definition LCD which displays the current and voltage synchronously and have continuously tunable output power; suitable for scientific research and manufacturing testing. In addition, Techwin can provide compact module package for system integration.


  • L-Band, bandwidth
  • SM fiber output
  • Output power adjustable
  • High flatness
  • High stability and high reliability
  • Applications: 

  • Components test
  • Optical fiber sensor system
  • Fiber optic gyroscope
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Other lab applications

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