High Stability Diodes Laser Source

Laser Source

High Stability Diodes Laser Source

Product Overview :

Techwin high stability diodes laser sources adopt high-performance LD and has stable wavelength and high output power. The control system based on advanced microprocessor, together with high-precision ATC and ACC control circuit, realize stable output and ensure the simplicity and immediacy of the manipulation simultaneously. Techwin can offer the corresponding communication interface and control software according to the requirement of the user in order to achieve computer control.
Techwin diode laser sources can adopt different kinds of LD according to the requirement of the user, including F-P,DFB,ECL; the typical operating wavelengths which can be selected include: 750nm?808nm?852nm?1035nm?1064nm?1550nm etc.; single mode fiber output, polarization-maintaining fiber output as well.
Techwin single-mode diode laser source is a highly integrated system source. The desktop encapsulation uses high-definition LCD which displays the current and voltage synchronously and has continuously tunable output power; suitable for scientific research and manufacturing testing. In addition, Techwin can provide modularized encapsulation according to the requirement of the user, which is characterized by compact structure, DC supply and convenience for system integration.


  • High Power, SM output 
  • Changeable output power
  • Wavelength Stabilized with FBG
  • High stability, high reliability
  • High accuracy ACC & ATC
  • Applications: 

  • Testing and measurement
  • Optical fiber communication
  • Optical Fiber sensing
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Research & Development

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