Function Generator TW4300


Main Features:


  • Multi waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square, and etc
  • Separate TTL, 50Hz Sine and single output
  • DC offset, symmetry continuously adjustable
  • VCF input
  • Built-in 6 digits counter up to 30MHz equal accuracy(TW4300B)


Technical Specifications:


Technical Data TW4300A TW4300B
Main output Output frequency 0.2Hz~2MHz
Output waveform Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse and etc.
Output impedance 50 ±10%
Output amplitude =20Vp-p(1M Load):=10Vp-p(50 Load)
Output attenuatio 0dB/20dB/40dB/60dB
DC offset 0~±10V(1M^ Load); 0~±5V(50^ Load)
Symmetry 10%~90%
Sine wave Distortion facto 20Hz~20kHz=1%
Frequency response 2Hz~2MHz=±1dB
Square wave Rise or fall time =30ns
TTL output Rise or fall time =50ns
Low level =0.4V
High leve =3.5V
Impedance 100
VCF Input voltage -5~0V
Inputimpedance 10k±10%
50Hz output 2Vp-p, mains synchrony
Counter Display 6 digits
Frequency range 0.5Hz~18MHz
Input impedance 10k±10%
Sensitivity 200mVrms
Accuracy 0.1Hz/1Hz
Error =0.1%±1 digit
Max.input voltage 50Vp-p
Power supply 110~127VAC±10%,220~240VAC±10%,50Hz±2Hz/60Hz±2Hz
Dimension(W×H×D) 250×105×280mm
Weight 2.5kg

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