Fiber Cleaver FC-306

Technical Specifications:

Applicable Range Single Core Fiber/Ribbon Fiber
Coating Diameter 0.25mm - 0.9mm (Single) 0.25mm (Ribbon)
Cladding Diameter 0.125mm
Cleave Length 5~30mm
Typical Cleave Angle <0.5 degrees
Maximum Blade Life 78,000 times (3,000*26)
Number of Steps for Cleave One Step
Automatic Scrap Collection Included
Automatic Blade Rotation Yes
Cleaving Angle <0.5°
Dimension 110mm(W)*110mm(D)*40mm(H)
Weight 320g

Usage and Safety Regulation:

  • Before using FC-306 fiber cleaver, please read the manual carefully;
  • Be cautious to use FC-306 in case harm;
  • Do not touch the blade with hand when use or repair FC-306;
  • Do not take down or oil FC-306;
  • Keep FC-306 away from humid and dusty environment.

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