Fast Connector


FAST Connector

Techwin FAST connectors make fiber terminations fast, easy and reliable. These fiber optic connectors offer terminations without any hassles and require no epoxy, no polishing, no splicing, no heating and can achieve similar excellent transmission parameters as standard polishing and splicing technology. We can greatly reduce the assembly and set up time. The pre-polished connectors are mainly applied to FTTH cable in FTTH projects, directly in the end user site.


Features of FAST Connectors:


  • 1. Compatible with standard SC connectors;
  • 2. Field installable, cost effective, user friendly;
  • 3. PC, APC polishing optional;
  • 4. No electricity required;
  • 5. FTTH cable, fiber optic cable optional;
  • 6. Reliable durable and superior optical performance


Performance Specifications


Insertion Loss =0.3db
Return Loss PC=35db, UPC=50db,APC=60db
Cable Diameter 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 2*3.0mm
Operating Temperature(°C) -40~~+85
Product Description * rimping parts use new and unique structural design: no gluing, polishing and consumables
Features *Precise Mechanical Dimensions
Application *For the opening of the FTTH Fiber Optic Termina

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