C-Band Preliminary EDFA

Fiber Amplifier

C-Band Preliminary EDFA

Product Overview :

Techwin C band preliminary Er-doped fiber amplifiers are high-gain, low-noise fiber amplifiers (Pre-EDFA). They are used to pre-amplify small signal, improve receiver sensitivity and extend transmission distance of the signal. This series of amplifiers employ optimized Er-doped fiber Optical path Structure internally. The ASE is suppressed to an extreme and high-performance small signal amplifier output is realized. The maximum gain is up to 50 dB (-40dBm).
Techwin C- band preliminary Er-doped fiber amplifiers (Pre-EDFA) have built-in drive circuit and logical control circuit to perform real-time monitor on the input/output optical power, temperature of the pump laser, temperature of the module and signal gain. The main control software of upper computer can adjust and monitor all the state parameters and configuration information flexibly. This series of amplifiers are available with benchtop or modules package to meet the requirements of different applications.

Main Features:

  • Low noise, excellent gain
  • High stability, high reliability
  • Gain flattening
  • Tunable output power
  • Applications:

  • Metro network
  • Optical access network
  • Fiber optic communications
  • Scientific research

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