C-Band High Power Optical Fiber Amplifier

Fiber Amplifier

C-Band High Power Optical Fiber Amplifier

Product Overview :

Techwin C-band high power optical fiber amplifiers employ high-power, high-performance multi-mode pump source inside and use double cladding fiber amplifier technology, integrated design of all fiber structure. The output power can be 0.5~10W. Techwin optical fiber amplifiers are integral Turn-Key system with the microprocessor inside for controlling. With a clear interface and easy control, the LCD on the front panel can give a real-time display of the operating state of the pump current and temperature. The LCD can also offer warning messages.
Thanks to the extensive experience of handling the double cladding fiber, Techwin conducts proper optimal optical structure design to the high power fiber amplifiers, thus achieving high efficiency output. The unique thermal treatment technology guarantees that the optical fiber amplifier can operate stably for a long time. The high-speed response protection circuit monitor the power of input and output signal automatically so that it can cut down the operation of the high power pump in case of the falling off of the input signal, thus ensuring the safety of the whole system.

Main Features:

  • High output power (27-40dBm)
  • Low noise
  • High stability, high reliability
  • LCD display interface
  • Applications:

  • Non-linearity research
  • High power amplifying
  • Fiber sensing
  • Optical fiber communication
  • Research & Development

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