C Band ASE Broadband Light Source

Laser Source

ASE Broadband Light Source

Product Overview :

Techwin C-band ASE light sources employ optimized Er-doped fiber laser and realize output laser which is featured by different spectral width, high output power and extremely high stability of the output power within the whole temperature range. Techwin C-band ASE light sources have extremely high spectral flatness. For the purpose of different applications, the Gaussian spectral output can be provided according to the requirement of the user.  
Techwin Multi-mode diode laser sources are a highly integrated system sources. The benchtop sources uses high-definition LCD which displays the current and voltage synchronously and has continuously tunable output power; suitable for scientific research and manufacturing testing. In addition, Techwin can provide compact module package for system integration.


  • Single mode output fiber(PM fiber optional)
  • Adjustable output power
  • High stability and high reliability
  • High flatness and low ripple
  • LCD display, easy operating
  • Applications: 

  • Components testing
  • Optical fiber sensor system
  • Fiber optic gyroscope
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Other lab applications

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