980nm High Stability Single-mode Pump Laser Source

Laser Source

980nm High Stability Single-mode Pump Laser Source

Product Overview :

Techwin 980nm high stability single-mode pump laser sources adopt single-mode LD with Wavelength-Stabilized FBG and have stable wavelength and high output power. The control system based on advanced microprocessor, together with the high-precision ATC and ACC control circuit, realize the stable output and ensure the intuition and immediacy of the operation simultaneously. Techwin can offer the corresponding communication interface and control software according to the requirement of the user in order to achieve computer control.
Techwin 980nm single-mode pump laser sources are designed for high power fiber amplifier and mode-locking fiber laser as high stability pump laser sources. As the ASE generated in the active fiber is easy to cause damage to the pump, Techwin offer a specific solution to protect the pump from damage caused by ASE, thus further enhancing the safety of the pump laser sources.

Main Features:

  • Single mode
  • High output power:up to 650mW
  • FBG Wavelength-Stabilized,
  • Feedback protection
  • Adjustable output power
  • Applications:

  • High power and low noise EDFA
  • Mode- locked fiber laser
  • Yb-doped fiber amplifier
  • Test and measurement
  • Other lab applications

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