3×1(4×1) Pump and Signal Combiner

Pump and Signal Combiner

3×1(4×1) Pump and Signal Combiner

Techwin Pump and Signal Combiners feature exceptional optical characteristics. These devices can be used to combine the power from several multimode laser diodes and couple that power with a signal feed, delivering the combined power for applications in industrial, military, medical and telecommunications markets.

    Key Features:

  • High Power Transfer Efficiency
  • Preservation of Modal Content
  • Wavelength Insensitive
  • Custom Configurations Available
  • RoHS compliant
  • Applications:

  • Fiber Laser Seed Amplifiers
  • CATV Amplifiers


Parameter MC 3 ×1 MC3 ×1 MC 4 ×1
Pump Operating Wavelength 800-1000 nm 800-1000 nm 800-1000 nm
Pump Input Fiber core/clad diameter NA 105 /125 µm 0.15or0.22 105 /125 µm 0.15or0.22 105 /125 µm 0.15or0.22
Output Fiber core/clad diameter NA 200/220um 0.22 220/240um 0.22 200/220um 0.22
Power per Multimode Input 50W 25W 50W
Maximum Signal Insertion Loss <0.5dB <0.5dB <0.5dB
Pump Efficiency >93% >93% >93%
Optical Isolation 35dB 35dB 35dB
Mechanical Specifications
Package 70×13×8mm 70×13×8mm 70×13×8mm
Fiber Length >800mm >800mm >800mm

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