1.5µm Single Mode CW Fiber Laser

Fiber Testing Instrument

1.5µm Single Mode CW Fiber Laser

Product Overview :

Techwin 1.5µm CW fiber lasers are eye-safe high power fiber lasers. These fiber lasers employ integrated design of all fiber structure and use double cladding fiber pumping technology, thus realizing high performance output laser. The output power can be up to 10W and near diffraction-limited beam quality is achieved at the same time. They can be widely used in the areas of scientific research, experimental teaching and device testing.  
The 1.5µm CW fiber lasers employ the control system based on microprocessor which has stable property, long lifetime and free maintenance. With a clear interface and easy control, the LCD on the front panel can give a real-time display of the operating state of the output power and temperature. The LCD can also offer warning messages. Besides, in order to be convenient for system integration, Techwin can offer modularized encapsulation according to the user’s requirements.

Main Features:

  • High output power:up to 20W
  • Excellent beam quality
  • High Stability and reliable performance
  • All fiber structure
  • Single-mode output,PM optional
  • Applications: 

  • Fiber optical communication
  • Free space communication 
  • Fiber optical sensing
  • Test and measure 
  • Science research 

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