1.5µmHigh Power Pulse Fiber Amplifier

Fiber Amplifier


Product Overview :

Techwin 1.5µm high power pulse optical fiber amplifiers are eye-safe amplifier. The optical path structure is optimized according to short pulse signal amplification, thus suppressing the generation of ASE efficiently. This series of amplifiers employ high-power, high-performance multi-mode pump laser inside. The proprietary technology and peculiar devices guarantee the maximum optical-optical conversion efficiency and minimum nonlinear effects during the process of amplification.  
The unique thermal treatment technology guarantees that the amplifiers can operate stably for a long time. The high-speed response protection circuit monitors the power of input and output signal automatically so that ensures the safety of the whole system.
Techwin high power pulse optical fiber amplifiers include single-mode and polarization output. Different kinds of package type are available with bench top or module. This series of amplifiers can be widely used in the areas of optical fiber communication, coherent combination and sensing and so on.

Main Features:


  • High peak output up to 500W
  • Short pulse amplifying: 10ns/1MHz
  • High stability, high reliability
  • High optical-to-optical efficiency
  • Output tunable
  • Custom versions available
  • Optical fiber communication
  • Free space communication
  • Atmosphere monitoring
  • Environment monitoring
  • Research & Development



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