1550nm Short Pulse Fiber Laser for LiDAR

Fiber Testing Instrument

1550nm Short Pulse Fiber Laser for LiDAR

Product Overview :

Techwin 1550nm short pulse fiber laser are an eye-safe pulse laser sources for LiDAR comes with high peak power, high energy. The all fiber design guarantees the robustness and maintenance-free operation of the system. This pulse laser is ideal for applications in LiDAR, range finding, 3D scanning and fiber sensing etc.  
Techwin 1550nm short pulse fiber laser for LiDAR takes compact module package, integrates internal or external trigger and monitor output for synchronization. It is easily connected with the computer to adjust pulse width duration on few ns and frequency. All of the modules go through the strict environmental examine to ensure the reliability and stability of the fiber laser as well as it is really suitable for integration of OEM system.

Main Features:

  • High pulse energy: 30µJ
  • High peak output: Type: 6kW
  • Adjustable Pulse duration: 1-50ns
  • Diffraction-limited output beam
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Applications:

  • LiDAR
  • Range finding
  • Fiber sensing
  • 3D Airborne Laser Mapping
  • Atmosphere and pollution monitoring
  • Research & development

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