1064nm Pulsed Laser Source Module

Laser Source

1064nm Pulsed Laser Source Module

Product Overview :

Techwin 1064nm pulsed laser source module is specially designed for pulse application. It is an ideal seed laser for fiber laser .This laser source module employs internally high performance diode laser which is especially designed for pulse application. The laser is modulated directly to pulse laser by the pulse circuit with optimized design. The ns level, MHz pulse output can be achieved, with the peak power up to 1W.
Techwin 1064nm pulsed laser source use module package. They have compact structure and tiny volume with 5V DC supply, industry standard DB25 communication port design and built-in signal generator. The user can control the computer and operate easily by upper computer software. The pulse output can be also achieved by external TTL trigger signal, which is very suitable for system integration.

Main Features:

  • Operating wavelength:1060-1080nm
  • Peak power up to 1W 
  • Short pulse operation 1ns-1us
  • Output isolation
  • High stability and reliability
  • Applications:

  • Seed laser for pulsed fiber laser
  • Test and measurement
  • Optical fiber sensing
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Other lab applications

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